10/09/2011 12:36 pm ET | Updated Dec 09, 2011

'SNL' Spoofs Chris Christie, Mitt Romney In Cold Open (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney, once the main GOP frontrunner in the 2012 Presidential election, can barely generate excitement now that Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain are around -- all of whom have charmed GOP voters in their own way. Romney did catch one break, however, when would-be "it" candidate of the week Chris Christie said he's not running. Of course, "Saturday Night Live" was ready with a send-up of the New Jersey Governor for this weekend's cold open.

Bobby Moynihan debuted his best Chris Christie impression in the sketch, which takes on Governor Christie's undeniable popularity as well as Romney's failed attempts to inspire the same enthusiasm. It opens with Governor Romney having a tough time at a Q&A with Republican fundraisers, until Governor Christie comes to his rescue with more than enough favorability to go around.

We think you'll agree that Moynihan does a hilarious job impersonating Christie, especially when he explains why he isn't running in 2012 because of some foreseeable problems with touring the country in the summertime:

"Can you picture me in the Mississippi heat in June? Taking questions from some yokel while I'm breathing like Tony Soprano?"

Christie also reveals what he has planned for 2016 (not before telling Romney to put on "earmuffs," of course) and encourages the press to take a liking to Romney, who he dubs "a nice man in a clean suit who wants to be President."

Are we crazy, or should that be Romney's new campaign slogan?


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