10/10/2011 12:13 am ET | Updated Dec 09, 2011

Steve Smith, Malcom Jenkins Fight: Saints, Panthers Scuffle After TD (VIDEO)

In the first quarter of an NFC South matchup, Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith broke free from New Orleans Saints cornerback Jabari Greer as Cam Newton fired a pass in his direction. When Smith caught the ball it looked as if he would score untouched. By the time that Smith reached the 10-yard line there wasn't a defender within 10 yards of him. But after he crossed the goal line for the 54-yard touchdown, Saints safety Roman Harper touched him pretty darn hard. Harper didn't stop running once Smith reached pay dirt and delivered a cheap shot to the receiver.

The Panthers star was knocked the ground and a referee immediately threw a flag. Instead of retaliating, Smith got to his feet and celebrated the touchdown because that was was the sweetest revenge of all.

Despite the fiery Smith taking the late hit in stride, other players didn't act as cooly and a multi-player scuffle broke out. Once his teammates were embroiled in the situation, Smith got involved and ended up taking down Saints cornerback Malcom Jenkins. Everyone was separated quickly and Harper was the only one to receive a penalty.

The Saints went on to win 30-27.