10/10/2011 03:44 pm ET | Updated Dec 10, 2011

A 30-Day Slideshow Of The Amazing Hairstyles Of BV's Very Own Lucette Jefferson

We'd like to introduce you to the fabulous Ms. Lucette Jefferson (aka LJ), HuffPost BlackVoices' blog editor and community manager.

Aside from being an all-around amazing person, training for the New York marathon, caring for her dog Chicken Of The Sea (yes, that's the dog's name), loving 50's style dresses and collecting comic books (Y:The Last Man is her favorite), she is quite possibly the most imaginative person we've ever seen when it comes to her hair.

Her beautiful dreadlocks and the masterful ways she manipulates them is the inspiration behind this epic 30-day slideshow.

Each Monday we will update the slideshow with the amazing hairstyles LJ has graced the office with the week prior. In addition, we'll also ask her a few fashion and beauty related questions each week--so you can see what makes this lovely lady, well, lovely.

With that said, let's hit it! Enjoy.

UPDATE: 5 NEW hairstyles have been added


1. I know you're a foodie and avid cook--have you ever whipped up any homemade facials or other beauty products?

Besides my hairspritz, no. Even though I love the idea of DIY when it comes to beauty products, I really really hate messes, that I then have to clean up.

2. Any fashion items you are coveting this Fall?

Right now, I'm on the hunt for the perfect boots and lots of belts. This fall/winter is going to be more focused on accessories.

3. Colored polish or french manicure?

Color polish. Totally. Though I'm still not so hot on all this nail art floating around everywhere.


1. Is there a celebrity whose style you admire?

Solange doesn't play around. I really like how she plays with color and prints. I've always shyed away from bright colors and prints, so I admire her bravado. I loved that feature on Fatima Robinson the other day. Her style and some of the pieces in closet definitely made me gasp. My main takeaway was: "I need more accessories."

2. Do you have a favorite Tumblr page?

Today, it's Feminist Ryan Gosling. The bell hooks references are classic.

3. On average, how long does it take you to do your hair?

Not very long at all. Most morning, no longer than 15 minutes, unless I'm doing something really elaborate.

4. What was the last clothing item you purchased?

I just bought a bunch of cheap-o blazers. Just some stuff to layer up with. I'm still coming to terms with the fact that fall is really here now, so I'm very slowly starting to gear up for the winter.

1. Last week you mentioned that you make your own "hair spritz." Details please!

It's something I throw together in a spray bottle. It's usually just made up of warm water, olive oil, jojoba oil, lavender and peppermint essential oils and a little tea tree oil. Then I just shake and spritz from root to ends. It keeps my locs soft and moisturized, since the ends tend to take a beating out in the elements.

2. What is your favorite fashion magazine?

I don't really read any. I used to read Honey and Bust when I was in college, though. Are they considered fashion? They had layouts... :-/

3. Do you have a signature scent or perfume you that you love?

Marc Jacobs (just the regular not Daisy). I remember the first time I smelled it, I thought, this is exactly the way I want to smell. It makes me think of that perfume, that when you open your mom's closet as a kid, it's what everything smells like. Even down to her purses. I think every woman should have a perfume like that.

4. Since you're preparing for the NYC marathon, is there any special way you wear your hair when running or take care of it while you're training?

I actually changed the way I tighten my locs now. When I first started training I was still palm rolling, but that meant after every workout, my freshly tightened hair was back in puff city. So after 2 months of that I went and got them interlocked. It was the first time I'd EVER let anyone do my locs. I'd started them and had always groomed them myself. It's done WONDERS. It's reduced my front edge breakage and now I interlock my own hair monthly.


1. How long have you been growing your locs?

I started growing my locs when I was 19, so that makes it over 10 years now (EEEEP!!!) but I was rocking an afro for about 3 years before I took that step. It was a very headwrap and twist out heavy 3 years.

2. What is your favorite hair product?

Though for the most part I'm not really into store bought products (I even make my own daily spritz), the Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll really does a doozy on my frizzy baby hairs in the front.

3. Who inspires you beauty and fashion wise?

I've been obsessed with black hair and style tumblrs/blogs/vlogs lately. There are such a list of amazing black hair and fashion folks out there. The two sites that get heavy rotation on my google reader at this exact moment are: Natural Belle and Girl with Curves.

4. Are you a lipstick or lip gloss gal?

Lipgloss + Lip Stain. I like how different you can make a lipstain look depending on how much you put on. It also doesn't come off on everything.