10/10/2011 08:34 am ET | Updated Dec 10, 2011

Chris Hayes: Erin Burnett's Wall Street Coverage 'So Frustrating' (VIDEO)

MSNBC host Chris Hayes was the latest person to take CNN's Erin Burnett to task for her trip to the Occupy Wall Street protests last week.

Burnett has received solid ratings and interviewed several high-profile government figures in the first week of her new show, "Outfront." But nothing she has done has gotten more attention -- much of it scornful -- than a segment on her Monday show in which she went to the New York home of Occupy Wall Street and spoke to protesters there. She played footage of her telling a man that taxpayers made money off of the TARP bailout, and then said, "This was the big issue, so we solved it."

A bevy of commentators (including HuffPost's Jason Linkins) excoriated Burnett for the clip, which they saw as smug and misleading.

On his Saturday MSNBC show, Hayes and his panel watched the clip.

"Arrrrgh!" Hayes said afterwards, calling it "so frustrating." He said that TARP was "completely immaterial" to the protests, which are focused more on inequality and corporate greed.

"Students didn't get zero percent loans from the Federal Reserve!" he said. He then turned to panelist Naomi Klein, who has spoken at the protests. She noted acidly that some protesters are tweeting that their movement is going to last longer than Burnett's show.

"Now we're picking fights with other shows," Hayes joked. Klein continued that Burnett's take "profoundly misunderstands" the nature of the bailout and the movement.


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