10/10/2011 05:20 pm ET | Updated Dec 10, 2011

Metro Green And Yellow Line Construction (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON -- Metro work crews have been busy throughout the three-day Columbus Day weekend reconstructing a track switch on the Green and Yellow lines near the U Street station.

The work, as The Huffington Post reported earlier this month, is part of safety upgrades mandated by the National Transportation Safety Board.

Green and Yellow line service has been suspended at the Shaw, U Street and Columbia Heights station since Friday night so the work could be done.

According to Metro spokesman Dan Stessel, the construction is a little ahead of schedule and Green and Yellow line service will be restored in time for system opening on Tuesday, as planned.

While there has been some confusion about the shuttle service, TBD noted the following experience:

I first arrived at the Georgia Ave-Petworth station this morning to encounter a man with a bright yellow WMATA vest. "Where are you headed?" the man asked with a smile. I told him L'Enfant Plaza and he pointed down to the shuttle buses a block down the street. "Those will take you to Mt. Vernon." He handed me a piece of paper explaining the track work. Two or three other WMATA buses waited down there near the bus shelter, and the large Metrobuses were lit up with "Shuttle" alerts on their sides.

On Saturday, 25,320 people used the shuttles, according to Metro. On Sunday, 16,781 people used the bus service.

WATCH: Metro Reconstructs A Track Switch Near U Street