10/10/2011 12:26 am ET | Updated Dec 09, 2011

Susan Dibene, California Mother, Killed By Train After She Pushed Baby In Stroller Out Of Way

A woman, identified by local news outlets as 33-year-old Susan Dibene, was crossing railroad tracks with her baby in a stroller in Southern California Saturday night when she was killed by a train. She managed to push the stroller to safety just in time, authorities said.

The full story from the Associated Press:

A woman pushing a baby in a stroller across railroad tracks in Southern California Saturday night was killed by a train but she shoved the stroller to safety just in time, authorities said.

The woman was trying to walk through the Riverside crossing when the stroller became stuck in the tracks, police said. She managed to free the stroller, but she couldn't escape the oncoming Metrolink commuter train.

"She didn't quite make it," Riverside police Sgt. Dan Warren said. "The baby's fine, but she got hit."

He did not have further details, including the woman's identity and her connection to the child.

Passenger Joseph Avila said he and the several dozen other passengers on the train going from Oceanside to San Bernardino did not feel the collision.

He told KCAL-TV that the train stopped and a conductor said there had been a fatality. "Probably about 45 minutes after what happened, he finally told us that a lady and a baby got struck."

Both police and railroad officials were investigating the collision.

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