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HBO Is Ready For 'Paradise Lost 4,' But The West Memphis 3 Just Want To See A Decent Movie

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Women hold a sign at the Craighead County Court House in Jonesboro, Ark., Friday, Aug. 19, 2011, proclaiming innocence of three Arkansas men convicted in the 1993 deaths of three West Memphis, Ark., children. (AP Photo/Danny Johnston) | AP FILE

How do you integrate yourself back into society after 18 years in prison? How do you cope when the ordinary activities most of us take for granted -- eating a meal, going to the movies -- count as shockingly new experiences? For Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley Jr., better known as the West Memphis Three, you go at it one day at a time, making sure to savor every moment along the way -- while admitting that some of those moments may not be that sweet.

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