New Metro Map: Board Reviewing Changes To Iconic Diagram

10/11/2011 11:37 am ET | Updated Dec 11, 2011

WASHINGTON -- Revising Metro's rail system diagram to make room for the future Dulles extension and new service patterns for the Blue, Yellow and Orange lines has been a big topic of discussion for months. There have been mapping contests. Surveys have been conducted. There's been a list of potential station name modifications.

Now, Metro's board is getting ready to review a slate of revisions to its iconic rail system diagram. A draft of the revised diagram, is available here, via Greater Greater Washington, the transit and planning blog which has detailed all the potential revisions being considered.

Among the highlights:

  • The color for Metro's Dulles rail extension is being branded Silver, which has been commonly used through the planning process.
  • A handful of long station names are being modified to show a root station name plus associated neighborhoods, institutions and landmarks as subnames. For instance: "U St./African-Amer Civil War Mem'l/Cardozo" would have a root name of "U Street" with its subnames displayed in smaller lettering. Similarly, "Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan" would have "Woodley Park" as its root name and "Zoo" and "Adams Morgan" as subnames.
  • Stations with adjacent hospitals would have an "H" icon; stations with parking facilities would have a "P" icon.
  • Additional rush-hour Orange and Yellow Line service on sections of mainline sections of the Green and Blue lines would be dashed.

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