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World's Most Historical Cemeteries (PHOTOS)

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Exploring history can take on many guises, from dusty tomes to cinematic recreations, lecture halls to physical monuments. Yet one of the most basic ways to feel a tangible connection to the past can be to explore the very places where the giants of history were laid to rest.

For the truth is that history’s most famous names — some of whom have become more legend than fact — were all just people like us. And it is by standing at their grave sites, that allows us to feel a real link to these colossal figures from the past.

From city-like cemeteries to grand mausoleums, modest grave sites to vast cathedrals, the great and the good are interred in a variety of places around the world.

We asked our friends at history-themed travel website Historvius to highlight some of history's most famous resting places and their renowned residents.

Herewith, their list.