10/12/2011 11:13 am ET | Updated Dec 12, 2011

Ann Coulter Works The Room At Yale... And A Look Back At Her Other Controversial Speeches

Conservative pundit (and Cornell grad) Ann Coulter visited Yale University Tuesday and didn't mince words in bashing the president.

According to the Yale Daily News, Coulter provided her bountiful young audience with plenty of quips related to Obama and the Occupy Wall Street protests:

"Liberals love mobs because they see them as their path to power," she said, explaining her belief that the Occupy Wall Street protests were only the latest incarnation of a liberal political machine designed to inflame an ill-informed populace.

Mobs, however, were not Coulter's only target. Other critiques, each delivered with a joke on the side, targeted the Obama's economic, foreign and health care policies. One of Coulter's more pointed remarks targeted his attempts to raise taxes as the opposite of President Ronald Reagan's approach.

"It's like [Obama] took everything Reagan did right and did exactly the opposite," she said.


Coulter is no stranger to controversy on campus (who could forget the time she was warned to watch her mouth by Canada!). See some of her more talked-about college visits below.

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