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Craft Of The Day: Fall Felt Tree

Flickr photo by mindfulone

Is it just us, or does fall seem like it's coming a bit late this year? Usually the leaves have changed by now. In lieu of a big showy display of autumn leaves comes today's project, which creates a bonsai-like tree from a branch and felt scraps. It's nice for a desk, coffee table or any bare corner that needs a little extra something.

Autumn 'Bonsai'

What You'll Need
Twigs or branches
Floral foam
Hot glue gun
Plate or platter

To make it: First, carve the floral foam into a 4" wide by 2" tall rectangle to create a base for your "tree." (These dimensions are a starting point—if you have lots of branches, you'll need to create a bigger base. Essentially, you'll want it low enough that you can cover it with pebbles later.) Next, insert the branches into the floral foam, forming a tree-like shape.

Then, cut a few small felt ovals, which will be your leaves. To connect them to the tree, add a dab of hot glue to the end of each branch. Next, sandwich the branch end with two leaves. Repeat until the branches...look like a tree. To display, place the tree on top of a plate, covering the foam with pebbles.

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Craft Of The Day

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