10/12/2011 05:30 pm ET | Updated Dec 12, 2011

Duduza, South Africa Tornado Footage Captured Near Johannesburg (VIDEO)

A tornado that passed through Duduza, South Africa on October 2 left hundreds homeless in the township near Johannesburg.

The twister, which was described as a "gigantic snake with huge eyes," killed two and injured 160 people, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The funnel was crossing a road on the outskirts of the township when a driver captured close footage of it reportedly approaching Duduza. The clip was posted on YouTube last week and has become a trending video in South Africa, according to the online video service.

Tornadoes touch down in South Africa about once every other year, with tornado season beginning in November, according to The Weather Channel.

Organizations are currently building temporary homes for tornado victims and providing counseling, News 24 reports.