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Elizabeth Warren 'Throw Rocks' Ad: Massachusetts State GOP Unveils Senate Campaign Attack (VIDEO)

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Massachusetts Republicans have found an anti-Elizabeth Warren catch phrase.

Two months into her Senate run, the consumer advocate and former White House official is polling slightly ahead of current GOP Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.). As the race between the two intensifies, Republicans are turning to Warren's professional history for attack material.

An ad released Tuesday by the Massachusetts Republican party focuses on Warren's use of the term 'throw rocks'. The one-minute ad begins with a clip of Warren describing the three things she accomplished as a Harvard professor. Outside of teaching and research, Warren says she had "thrown rocks at people that I think are in the wrong."

The ad then asks who Warren considers "in the wrong," and suggests that businesspeople are the prime offenders. According to the Massachusetts GOP's ad description, comments of this nature highlight Warren's "divisive, anti-business and class-warfare rhetoric."

While the ad criticizes Warren's choice of words, Brown himself recently came under fire for a controversial comment. He made headlines last Thursday after telling a Boston radio station "Thank God" that Warren didn't "take her clothes off" to pay for college. Warren was unfazed, telling reporters "I'll survive" in reference to Brown's jab.

Brown was quick to clarify his remarks, claiming on Friday that he was "joking" in response to a quip Warren had made in a recent Democratic primary debate about his paying for school by posing shirtless for Cosmopolitan magazine.

Some Democrats did not buy the apology, with Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), telling ABC's "This Week" that Brown's joke "spoke volumes about how clueless" he is.

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