10/12/2011 06:14 pm ET | Updated Dec 29, 2011

Hugo Chavez Mascot's Pants Fall Down on Venezuelan Television

Looks like it's been a hectic week for Hugo Chavez on national Venezuelan television. First it was the unforgettable rap moves--fist pumps and all-- and now it's the pant-less appearance on TV.

During a live recording, the mascot that will be representing Chavez in the next presidential election, seems to have suffered a wardrobe malfunction. As the man dressed as Chavez stood up to salute the viewers, he lost his corduroy pants in front of the cameras. Chavez (the real one), who was on a phone call while the program was being broadcasted, handled the situation by joking, "Tie your pants, my friend! Tie your pants cause Chavez can't have his pants falling off."

According to news program Al Rojo Vivo, opposition parties took advantage of this situation to comment on Chavez' policies. They said the incident was ironic because the dummy was wearing briefs like those of Superman, a comic book that Chavez himself has banned from Venezuela after deeming it too imperialistic. We hope this incident represents the last of Chavez-related wardrobe malfunctions.