10/12/2011 09:44 am ET | Updated Dec 12, 2011

Kate Moss: 'I'm Amazing With Gravy'

Can you picture Kate Moss in the kitchen?

Unless it's to prepare a cocktail, we certainly can't. But the model and new wife insists that she's quite adept when it comes to cooking.

When asked by Stylist, "Would you describe yourself as a homebody at heart?" Moss replied:

It depends how busy I am, but I did get really into cooking at one point. I can do a good roast with my eyes closed. I’m amazing with gravy. That’s my speciality, even other people ask me to do gravy at their house. I’m very proud of my gravy.

Really -- gravy? Not salad or rice cakes or another more model-appropriate food? Moss must be trying to put a gravy boat from her fancy wedding registry to good use.

Then again, we shouldn't be so surprised by the high-cal cuisine. After all, chicken pot pie is fashion's favorite food.