10/12/2011 07:13 pm ET | Updated Dec 12, 2011

Major Lazer Posts Don Draper-Inspired Artwork For 'Original Don' (VIDEO)

In case you didn't know, everyone has a crush on Don Draper. He's just so dreamy, what with the hair and that voice and the cold disinterest in his boring wife, mmmm! Now it's the musical collaborative Major Lazer -- they of the "cool" half and the half that works for Beyonce -- who want to show their love, with an original piece of Draper-inspired art on their web site. The image (seen in partial view above) is captioned "Original Don," which is also the name of a Major Lazer track that dropped in unfinished form this summer. Do we approve of the connection, even though the song itself fails to name-drop Mad Men, Don Draper, or really any quality AMC dramas? Yes! Everyone loves Don!

LISTEN to "Original Don":

Major Lazer – Original Don by Hypetrak

(via NYMag)