10/12/2011 06:59 pm ET | Updated Dec 12, 2011

Is Marriage Obsolete For Women? 'Early Show' Experts Weigh In (VIDEO)

Huffington Post bloggers Dr. Logan Levkoff and Matt Titus stopped by "The Early Show" Wednesday to chat about women, men and why marriage may be obsolete.

One reason? Women are marrying later in life, explained Levkoff. "Women were getting married at young ages [because] it legitimized their sexual desires and their sex lives," said the sexologist. "We couldn’t talk about women being sexual out of wedlock."

Titus, a relationship expert, says women just don’t need men anymore: "When a man can leave what he needs to leave in a cup, and a woman can take that and have a child…Men are expendable."

The marriage debate is picking up steam this week, after writer Kate Block chronicled her journey to accepting and celebrating singledom in The Atlantic on Tuesday. And she’s not the only one—overall, American marriage rates have hit a record low, according to census data released last September.