Kristen Stewart Talks 'Snow White'

10/13/2011 09:03 am ET | Updated Dec 13, 2011

Though Kristen Stewart is playing the classic beauty in "Snow White and the Huntsman," this Snow White has come a long way from the fairytale.

Stewart will co-starring alongside Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman, Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen and Sam Clafin as Prince Charming.

While we may know the original story backwards and forwards, the "Twilight" actress sheds some light on her character's surprising hardcore edge.

Not to trivialize it at all, but it's hard to play an action hero who is also the most compassionate person on earth. You can't hate. You epitomize bleeding hearts, so how the f--k do you do an action movie like that? She is sort of the last shred of hope for her land. She has this ethereal, spiritual connection to her people—she really feels things-and so it's like we don't really feel empathy... Basically, I'm fighting evil—I'm fighting the most evil motherf--kers-and it's fine that they're being killed. It's anguish. It's literally f--king anguish. She takes absolutely no pleasure in ever hurting anything. I'm exhausted right now and I was thinking, "The fight stuff is coming up, maybe that won't be so bad." And then I realized that they're probably going to be my most emotional scenes because I'm killing people and I'm Snow White...

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