10/13/2011 02:15 pm ET | Updated Dec 13, 2011

Michael Stagliano Talks 'Bachelor Pad' Sex Room

Try as they may to make the overnight "Fantasy Suite" on "Bachelor Pad" look as romantic and classy as possible, they're not fooling season two winner, Michael Stagliano -- he calls it a sex room with cameras.

“We had a room called a 'boom-boom room.' And now that we said it, you know what it means,” Stagliano told me on my talk show "Naughty But Nice with Rob." "Yup. There was a giant box of condoms. I’m making it sound like it's the sex room, but I guess it is. But it’s not like 'hey, hang out in there and here is a box of condoms.'"

Stagliano revealed that there are lots of cameras in the room and reminded me that on the "Bachelor Pad," producers did show Casey Kahl and Vienna Girardi enjoying each other on-screen with giant black censor boxes covering their private parts. And with so much sex going on in the house, the producers want to make sure all the contestants are safe.

"All joking aside, they really do test us for STDs. You are severely tested -- drug tested, psych tested," Stagliano revealed. "Yes, they literally make us pee in a cup and a blood test, too. They don't want you to have an STD and be on TV. I can't believe I just said that sentence. That's great. I am glad that everyone knows that I am clean and that I have no STDs."

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