10/13/2011 07:10 pm ET | Updated Dec 13, 2011

Tanya Kach Interview: Captive Sex Slave For 10 Years Speaks Out (VIDEO)

Tanya Kach calls herself a "milk carton kid."

For 10 years Kach was a missing person, held as a captive sex slave away from her friends and family. Now, a decade after being rescued, she is telling her story.

In a recent interview with CBS, Kach describes the conditions she endured while living under her abductor, Thomas Hose, a security guard at the Pennsylvania middle school which she attended.

"He put a bucket in there, and said, 'That's your bathroom,'" Kach said. "I was just so brainwashed. I feel humiliated now. Absolutely."

Kach's new book, "Memoir of a Milk Carton Kid," released Tuesday, shares the experience that resulted in Hose pleading guilty to child endangerment, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a minor, and interfering with the custody of a child. A judge later sentenced him to 15 years in prison.

The book also revisits old wounds felt by Kach's father, Jerry Kach, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

"I love my daughter," he recently told the newspaper. "But her last words to me were 'Have a nice life, Jerry.' Those words really hurt."


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