The 10 Colleges That Receive the Most Applications: US News List

10/13/2011 08:27 am ET | Updated Dec 13, 2011

The California higher education system maybe experiencing tuition hikes and funding shortages, but one thing they don't lack is popularity.

7 California schools appear of US News and World Report's list of the 10 colleges that receive the most applications. UCLA tops the list. St. John's University (a rare east coast contender) came in second.

The Report has more:

Of the 1,311 schools that reported application data in an annual survey conducted by U.S. News, the average college received 5,948 applications for fall 2010 admissions—an increase of more than 400 applications from the year before.

Among the schools that received the most applications, 32 schools received more than 30,000; 12 schools received more than 40,000; and three schools received more than 50,000 applications for fall 2010 admissions.

The 10 colleges that received the most applications averaged 48,849, which is more than eight times larger than the national average.

Check out our slide show of the most popular schools below. Then tell us, was your school popular? Does popularity matter? Weigh in below!


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