'Community' Season 3, Episode 4: 'Bienvenido a La Casa Chez Trobed'

10/14/2011 11:10 am ET | Updated Dec 14, 2011

This week's episode "Remedial Chaos Theory" showed us what would happen to the "Community" gang in six different scenarios depending on who leaves the apartment to get the pizza downstairs. Despite the structure, the format offered some weird new insights into each character, as well as some good old-fashioned wackiness.

Troy and Abed have a new apartment, and they're throwing a housewarming. Both wear suits, because they've read a book on how to be the perfect party host, which includes advice like "Avoid touchy topics like the Negro problem" -- it was written in the forties. Abed shows off his scale model of the rolling boulder scene from "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

Shirley has arrived early to get baking, including her rendition of a ketchup and cream cheese pizza. But the group has ordered pizza.

It's time for a game of Yahtzee -- but the doorbell rings. Jeff decides to roll the die to pick who goes for the pizza.

"You are now creating six different timelines," Abed says.

In the first, Annie goes downstairs. Troy discovers that she has a gun. Pierce tells everyone that he had sex with Eartha Kitt on an airplane. Jeff hits his head on a fan, while Britta does something smelly in the bathroom when Jeff won't let her sing along to "Roxanne."

Next, Shirley goes. We meet Pierce's gift, a Norwegian troll that used to watch Troy sleep. Pierce brings up Eartha Kitt, Jeff hits his head on a fan, and Britta goes to the bathroom. Shirley's pies burn as Jeff tells her she's "not allowed to have baking things as an identity." She tells everyone they spend all their time making "googly eyes" at each other and runs out.

In the third, Pierce goes, but not before he brings up Eartha Kitt airplane sex time. Britta's smoking pot in the bathroom (aha!) when Troy comes in to complain that Jeff treats him like a child. Troy pulls out his candy cigarette to demonstrate his adulthood. He and Britta share a moment next to the olive bowl by the toilet. Jeff and Annie also have a moment, as she tends to his head after the fan accident.

It's Britta's turn. Jeff tells Annie he worries about her -- a man was stabbed outside her building. Pierce attacks Troy with the troll, and then tells Abed he's "lonely and crazy." Britta returns -- she's in love with the pizza guy and is going to marry him!

Then, Troy goes. He wants to go as fast as he can so he doesn't miss anything. When he comes back, blood is gushing from Pierce's leg due to a series of mishaps. Britta runs out to help, the cigarette falls from her mouth and everything catches fire. Troy returns to see the troll burning in the fire.

"Nooooooooooooo," he says.

Then, Abed goes. Britta gets high and eats the pie but then accidentally tells Shirley the group has decided not to support her baking. Troy apologizes to Pierce, so Pierce tries to not give him
the troll. Annie and Jeff make out in a corner, but then she tells him he reminds her of his dad.

"Less dad talk and you could ease up on the bubble gum lip gloss," he tells her.

"You're a twisted hippie skank," says Shirley to Britta.

"I hope you die alone," says Troy to Pierce.

In the final, real timeline, Abed catches the die before it hits the table and tells everyone that Jeff's set up the system so he'll never get picked. Therefore, he must get the pizza. Without Jeff to stop her, Britta sings along to “Roxanne,” and everybody joins in, dancing and singing all over the apartment.

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