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Maria Bamford Vlogs Hilarious Book Criticism In Powell's Haul Video (VIDEO)

First Posted: 10/14/11 06:01 PM ET Updated: 12/14/11 05:12 AM ET

If you've ever picked up a Bible and thought, "Uh, why don't you edit? Galatians, you don't even need that," you may have a lot in common with Maria Bamford's newest character. Bamford plays a vlogger whose latest haul video gives her opinions on books -- namely Jane Austen, young adult fiction and her SAT score.

Bamford reports from the Portland, Oregon independent bookstore Powell's Books for the haul video, a subset of YouTube videos in which consumers use and talk about products they've bought.

This video, in addition to her notable Target ads, seems to indicate that Bamford is the rare comedian who can seamlessly combine her unique comedy, which is known for manic characterizations and dead-on voices, with a company's brand without sacrificing either.

We hope she brings back this vlogger character, who might be the first person to ever connect Homer's "The Odyssey" to "Twilight" in four seconds.


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