10/14/2011 04:43 pm ET | Updated Dec 14, 2011

Occupy Wall Street 'Outliers'

Seth Masket wonders why Republican insiders are holding back their endorsements; Jonathan Bernstein thinks they want to avoid the RINO label.

Mark Mellman argues if Republicans aren't playing in IA or NH, they're not playing to win..

David Hill says the GOP primary polls point to Romney.

Frank Newport discusses the conventional wisdom and Romney's position in the primary.

Charles Franklin shares data on the current state of the GOP race.

Nate Silver assesses Cain's chances of avoiding Perry's fate.

Doug Usher recommends a Grey Davis strategy for Obama.

Brendan Nyhan suggests a "Truman strategy" could be hard for Obama to pull off.

Chris Cillizza calls out generic presidential ballots.

Sean Trende says odds now favor Republicans gaining Senate control in 2012.

John Sides reviews what political scientists have learned about campaign advertising..

Josh Kraushaar wonders why Democrats haven't recruited more Latino candidates.

The Onion reports that Obama's approval rating has soared thanks to finally taking action against Wall Street.