10/15/2011 09:03 am ET | Updated Dec 15, 2011

iPhone 4S Reviewed By Users: 'Amazing,' 'In Love,' 'Fast'

The critics have weighed in on the iPhone 4S, calling it "astoundingly good" and "zippier", but yesterday, following the official release of the new iPhone, we had a chance to hear from users who shared their thoughts on the latest Apple smartphone.

We asked people on Twitter who'd tried the iPhone 4S to post short reviews of the device with the hashtag "#iReviewiPhone4S."

Almost everyone who replied had positive things to say about the iPhone 4S, though when it launched it was criticized as a "disappointment" given that it was not the widely-expected iPhone 5.

"For the first time an apple device is pure substance and less facade! Genius," wrote user @patbanerjee.

Pople called the phone "fast," "amazing," and "sexy," with Apple's new voice-controlled "personal assistant" Siri a standout feature for many.

"As for Siri, she's my new best friend," tweeted one person.

AT&T proved yet again to be a headache for some. One user wrote, "Can't get it to activate on AT&T, been 3 hours trying!"

See users' reviews of the iPhone 4S in the slideshow below, then check out what the critics said about it. Share your thoughts on the device by tweeting @HuffPostTech with the hashtag "#iReviewiPhone4S."