10/16/2011 08:54 am ET | Updated Dec 16, 2011

Inside The Grand Bazaar Of Istanbul With Assouline's New Book (PHOTOS)

A new book from Assouline offers a stunning glimpse inside the treasury of Istanbul's famed Grand Bazaar, one of the city's preeminent tourist attractions. Deep inside the sprawling market, Inner Bedesten is the oldest part of the Bazaar and houses some of its most interesting -- and valuable -- treasures.

As author Serdar Gülgün writes:

Constructed shortly after the Ottoman conquest of Istanbul, the Inner Bedesten is the oldest section of the Bazaar. Fortified against fire and safeguarded at all times, the Inner Bedesten is the most secure part of the covered market, where the most precious goods are kept. This vaulted structure lies at the core of the Grand Bazaar.

Published by Assouline, the book explores not just Inner Bedesten but also other areas of the Bazaar, including its main alleyways, the hans, or travelers' inns, and the fringe shops that appear and disappear on the market's edges.

The book is available for purchase at Assouline Boutiques worldwide and online.

"The Grand Bazaar Istanbul" from Assouline