10/17/2011 08:06 am ET Updated Dec 17, 2011

6 Shot At University Of Akron Off-Campus Fraternity Party, 6 Arrested

Six people were shot at an off-campus fraternity party that attracted more than 100 people near the University of Akron on Saturday.

The fraternity party was said to have been crashed by revelers from Akron who were not directly affiliated with the university. After the party-crashers got too rowdy, there were thrown out. According to police, this prompted the shooting.

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer has more:

They went out to their car, [one person] got a gun and returned and shot six people in the legs and buttocks and then fled," said Sgt. Bruce Graham. "They didn't get far. Our officers stopped the car and found the gun inside. All six were arrested."

The shooting happened just after midnight.

Lt. Rick Edwards, a police spokesman, said only one person fired a gun.

Six people were later arrested in connection with the crimes. All victims were taken to local hospitals, one victim with wounds that were apparently life threatening.

The New York Post reported that Sigma Beta Pi was the fraternity associated with the incident.

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