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Donald Trump Blasts Obama Over Occupy Wall Street, Works With Bachmann On Phone-In Town Hall

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Real estate mogul Donald Trump had harsh words for the Obama administration over the Occupy Wall Street protests, saying the president has let the escalating movement "go a little bit too far."

During an appearance on Fox News Monday morning, Trump said that the demonstrators are "doing no service to what they're representing," Politico reports.

"Change has to be made, not Obama's kind of change," Trump said, calling the president's rhetoric "all nonsense." Trump suggested the protesters -- who ignited their efforts in New York but have since inspired international demonstrations -- should place their focus solely on Washington, D.C. to rally against Obama's "terrible job on the economy."

Trump added that the protests are "class warfare" and asserted that Obama would use the movement to advance his 2012 reelection campaign.

"This is probably the only way that he thinks he can get elected, because he's done a lousy job as president," Trump said.

Trump has been regarded as a "GOP kingmaker" throughout the start of the 2012 primary season. He has met both publicly and privately with several GOP presidential hopefuls, including Herman Cain, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.

Trump is slated to join Michele Bachmann -- who he once called "highly underrated" -- for a "tele-townhall" Monday night.

In an email to campaign supporters, Bachmann described Trump as "a businessman who knows firsthand that Barack Obama's failed policies are crippling our nation's job creators" and touted "retiring Barack Obama" as a priority she shares with the billionaire.

Check out the reactions of the 2012 Republican presidential candidates, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden reactions to the growing Occupy Wall Street movement:

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