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John Kasich Unsettles Ohio's Beleaguered Middle Class

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Protesters against Senate Bill 5 display their signs during a rally against a pending budget bill at the Ohio Statehouse February 22, 2011 in Columbus, Ohio. Supporters against Senate Bill 5 say it will serve as a 'union buster,' forcing state employees to give up collective bargaining rights and pay more for health care and pensions. Ohio Governor John Kasich has said the bill is needed to balance the growing deficit and to show accountability to the taxpayer's money. (Photo by J.D. Pooley/Gett | Getty Images

Erin blames the governor for her doubts now. She calls him some unsavory names.

A lot of people are doing that. A couple of weeks ago, a poll showed the approval ratings of John Kasich, the newly elected Republican governor, at 33 percent. Once upon a time Kasich was a United States congressman, before he left in 2001 to become a managing director at Lehman Brothers, where he worked until it imploded and destroyed a bunch of lives in 2008. On the side, he hosted his own show on Fox News, as well as frequently guest-hosting The O'Reilly Factor and appearing on the Sean Hannity vehicles. He took office in January, and his approval ratings have been abysmal since March, something to do, no doubt, with the release of his proposed budget for fiscal years 2012-13.

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