Lady Gaga, Bono, Others Celebrate Clinton Foundation's 10 Years Of Service

10/17/2011 03:24 pm ET | Updated Dec 17, 2011

With a host of celebrity activists in tow, Bill Clinton celebrated two milestone birthdays on Saturday: His 65th and the Clinton Foundation's 10th.

To honor The Clinton Foundation's work to improve global health, strengthen economies and protect the environment, the former president hosted "A Decade of Difference" concert, where like-minded stars, including Lady Gaga, Bono and Usher performed, The Los Angeles Times reports.

"In the past decade, commitments to my Clinton Global Initiative have improved the lives of more than 300 million people around the world," President Clinton said in a statement, according to "This celebration marks 10 years of these efforts and demonstrates how much we can do to make a difference in the years ahead."

Some of the celebs leveraged the stage as an opportunity to highlight the specific causes most dear to them.

Surprise guest, Stevie wonder, opened the show with "Overjoyed," to celebrate the unveiling of the Martin Luther King monument in Washington, D.C., USA Today reported.

"That's the joy of it all," Wonder said about helping those in need. "That's why I'm here."

Somali-Canadian star K'naan, performed the unofficial anthem of the 2010 World Cup, "Wavin The Flag," according to He shared personal stories about growing up in Somalia, and the ways in which Clinton's efforts directly impacted his childhood.

Bono and The Edge closed the show with a slew of U2 hits, including "Sunday Bloody Sunday," "One," and "Miss Sarajevo,"
according to USA Today.

"We've been friends a long time," Clinton said of the rockstars, USA Today reported. "They really had to go to a lot of trouble to be here."

As The Clinton Foundation prepares for the next half of the decade, its calling on the public to suggest problems and causes that the organization should tackle. You can submit your ideas here.

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