This Old House Salvage-Style Projects: Register Cover Light Fixture (PHOTOS)

10/18/2011 01:34 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Photo by Kristine Larsen

Stylelist Home is proud to present a project-a-day from the fabulous new book This Old House Salvage Style Projects by Amy Hughes.

There's no denying the decorative detailing and architectural appeal that you see in old wrought-iron railings, gates and fences. And we find this aged beauty in this light piece, which consists of a vintage register cover that has been repurposed into a captivating wall sconce. Low-cost and simple, this DIY creation is certain to instantly add old-world flair to any room.

TITLE: Use a Register Cover to Make a Light Fixture

TIME: 1 Hour
COST: $40

Register cover
Wood for a frame
Corded light socket
Lampshade fabric
Wood glue
Finishing nails
Decorative screws
Cabinet hinge or picture hanger

1/4-Inch bit
Paddle bit
Utility knife

Step 1: Make the frame.
Glue and nail together wood strips sized to the inner dimension of the register cover decorative grille.

Step 2: Drill a hole for the socket's cord.
Use a 1/4-inch bit to bore a hole in the frame's bottom, and snake the cord through (unscrew the socket to disconnect the wires).

Step 3: Seat the socket in the frame.
To ensure that it fits snuggly inside, fit your drill driver with a paddle and widen the inner side of the hole.

Step 4: Line the register cover's back with lampshade fabric.
Size the fabric the inner dimensions of the grille, and insert to hide the bulb and diffuse the light.

Step 5: Secure the register cover.
Using its existing screw holes, fasten the cover to the frame with wood screws.

Step 6: Hang the sconce.
Secure a cabinet hinge to the top of the frame with screws to serve as a decorative picture hanger, and install the sconce using the right fastener for your wall type.

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