10/19/2011 02:01 pm ET | Updated Dec 19, 2011

Alfie Aldridge, Toddler, Flees First Day Of Preschool, Walks All The Way Home (POLL)

After enduring only a few hours of his first day of preschool, 3-year-old Alfie Aldridge of Surrey, England decided he had had enough, the Sun reported.

The tricky toddler ditched his teachers, scaled a 3-foot-tall wall, crossed a busy street, and eventually made it to his front door.

When Alfie's mother, 27-year-old Samantha Aldridge, opened the door, she couldn't believe what she was seeing, the Daily Mail reported.

"When I opened the door and saw Alfie standing there I didn't know what to think. Thankfully I was home. It makes me feel sick to think what could have happened."

When she confronted school officials on her son's break out, the report says they hadn't even noticed he had been missing.

According to the Surrey Commet, Alridge said that she had only done the walk with Alfie twice, and that while the incident proves his cleverness, she was still "hysterical" when he knocked on the door.

Despite an apology from the head teacher and the promise of a full investigation, the mother of four intends to send the toddler to a different school after she inspects their security precautions.