Colbert Mocks Herman Cain's 999 Plan With Hitler Reference (VIDEO)

10/19/2011 11:56 am ET | Updated Dec 19, 2011

After Tuesday night's Las Vegas debate, Herman Cain may no longer be the GOP frontrunner, if only because watching Mitt Romney and Rick Perry fight is like watching an episode of "The Real Housewives" ("The Real Frontrunners Of The Republican Party," anyone?). You simply can't resist that.

But after watching this clip from Tuesday night's "Colbert Report," one thing is clear: there are all kinds of reasons that Herman Cain shouldn't be taken seriously as a presidential candidate. There's so much not to love, you can pick your poison: the 10-foot electrified fence that's "just a joke," the reference to "Ubeki-Beki-Beki-Beki-Stan-Stan," or his much-maligned 999 plan which -- as Colbert imagines it -- might just have been inspired by Hitler.

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