Conan O'Brien Pilot For TBS: 'Fat Chance'

10/19/2011 03:46 pm ET | Updated Dec 19, 2011

The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive up on the script Conan O'Brien's apparently sold to TBS (for a show he'll executive produce), and something about the premise doesn't sound quite right. Let's review:

  • The show is called "Fat Chance"
  • It features a fat character (Fat), and his attractive best friend, whose name, it turns out, is Chance (Chance)
  • A beautiful girl enters Fat guy's and Chance's lives
  • Watch what happens

Is it just us or does this sound like a Frankenstein monster of TV shows that really shouldn't exist now that the nineties are over? Some obvious forebears we can pinpoint: "Mike and Molly" (conflict predicated on weight), "Jack and Jill" (irritating title), "The New Girl" (introducing a member of the opposite sex makes everything fascinating).

The last big show Conan's production company sold, "Justice," (to NBC, eventually cancelled) wasn't great, but it wasn't about a fat guy, a hot guy and a girl either. "Fat Chance" doesn't even seem to have room for a magical actor to redeem it (a la Victor Garber). Maybe we're missing something here, but so far, we're not feeling bullish.

[via THR]