10/20/2011 09:27 am ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

iScandal App Alerts Users When Homophobic Politicians Get Caught In Gay Sex Scandals

Wish you knew the minute a homophobic politician who has been railing against gay rights gets caught in bed with another man?

Now there's an app for that.

According to its description, iScandal, which sells for $0.99, "tracks hypocrisy among anti-gay lawmakers."

The app functions like "the 'It's been XX days since our last accident' signs you see in factories" and as soon as a scandal breaks, iScandal "pushes" a notification as well as the option for the user to share the news alert.

Additional features include:

* Push notifications to alert users the moment a scandal breaks.
* Summaries of the latest scandals.
*Links to detailed news stories about the anti-gay lawmakers scandalous activities.
*Archives of classic scandals.
*Videos of news stories about scandals.

iScandal does not out "innocent strangers or make false or mean-spirited claims," but instead features stories that mainstream media outlets have already reported in order to help "remind users that the people who spend their days making the lives of gay people harder are often hypocrites whose ideas are unworthy of serious consideration."

The app is available for the iPhone (as well as Android phones and the iPad), but it cannot be found in the Mac App Store.

A message board featuring a series of posts from the creator of iScandal, Candice Nelms, implies that she tried to get the app approved but that Apple rejected it due to it being "defamatory; mean-spirited."

Nelms responded to the claim by stating:

"iScandal has taken great care to avoid defamatory remarks. We just report the facts of a particular case without our opinions. This application is not and will never be intended to "out" a political law-maker as homosexual, or make fun of the lawmakers. We feel that the contradictory nature of the behavior is enough. iScandal reports on those lawmakers who have admitted guilt to wrongdoing or criminal behavior and satirically counts the number of days it has been since the last scandal."

However the app remains unavailable from the Mac App Store, perhaps due to Apple's own recent "iScandal."

In March the company pulled an app from its store that claimed to "cure" unwanted homosexuality after more than 150,000 signatures were collected to protest its sale.

iScandal can be purchased at OpenAppMkt.com.

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