10/19/2011 12:49 pm ET | Updated Dec 19, 2011

Jose Andres On 'Conan': Chef Makes A Coconut Rum Cocktail, Buddha In A Bath (VIDEO)

We can always count on chef Jose Andres for some quality food entertainment. Last night, he stopped by Conan to shake up a rum cocktail and make a gelatin Buddha with lychee air. Andres, the most recent recipient of the James Beard Award for Outstanding Chef, uses a drill to extract coconut water from the coconut. He seems to know what he's doing, except when he can't explain what bitters are, and when he claims to forget the rum in his drink.

"Why do we have a syringe?" Conan asks. Andres explains that you use the syringe to suck in some of the cocktail. Conan had trouble with his syringe. "Because you didn't take away the condom," explained Andres.

The frantic demo continues with the next dish, "Happy Buddha Taking A Bath." Conan puts a jellied Buddha head on a plate, and Andres then places lychee air on top of Buddha. "This one looks like Buddha at a crime scene," quips Conan. It's not the most beautiful dish we've ever seen, but it definitely gets creativity points.

"This is the craziest cooking segment we've ever done," says Conan.

Jose Andres, don't ever change.