Teresa Culpepper Jailed By Atlanta Police For 53 Days Because Of First Name Mix-Up (VIDEO)

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An Atlanta woman spent 53 days behind bars because she has the same first name as a woman wanted by police for aggravated assault.

Teresa Culpepper says she was wrongly detained in Fulton County Jail because she shares the name Teresa with an assault suspect, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

“Her birth date didn't match. Her address didn't match. Her description didn't match. Other than the name Teresa, nothing matched,” said Ashleigh Merchant, Culpepper’s attorney.

The case of mistaken identity began when Culpepper called police after her truck had been stolen on Aug. 21, according to WSB-TV. When officers arrived, she was taken into custody on an aggravated assault charge.

Culpepper remained behind bars until Oct. 12, when the victim of the attack stated in court that Culpepper wasn't the perpetrator.

WTSB managed to find a woman who says she is the Teresa wanted by police in the assault. She says she has not been arrested.

Atlanta police have reportedly started an internal investigation into Culpepper's detention. Culpepper's attorney told the station that the city must either settle or face a lawsuit.

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