10/20/2011 10:45 am ET | Updated Dec 20, 2011

The 555 Supercut Will Change The Way You Look At Movie Phone Numbers (VIDEO)

Over the decades, there are certain things about movie reality that we've come to accept as viewers. Like how nobody seems to say goodbye at the end of a phone call, even though that'd be incredibly rude in most situations.

Well SeanieMic has picked up on another convention that you've probably noticed, but never really gave much thought to: the "555" phone number.

Obviously studios don't want to use a real number and leave some innocent citizen with their phone ringing off the hook, so the 555 number has come in handy over the years. Even though not all 555's are fictitious, most of them are, which makes it easy for the script writers to plug in some random digits and focus on more important things.

The thing is, people make up these fake phone numbers a lot. Much more than you realize, in fact. And this supercut is here to remind us of all the "555" numbers we've heard over the years.