6 Ways To Fight Right

10/20/2011 09:00 am ET | Updated Dec 20, 2011
  • Riddhi Shah Editorial Director, Social Impact Platforms

Everyone fights. The key, however, is to "fight right." Handled correctly, conflicts can help instead of hindering a relationship.

We asked Dr. Benjamin Karney, psychology professor at UCLA and Gay Hendricks, HuffPost blogger and relationship counselor to tell us what makes a conflict productive -- and what doesn't.

"Keep the conflict in perspective," advises Dr. Karney. "Ask yourself: If this conflict doesn't get resolved, do I still want to stay in this relationship? If the answer is yes, it takes the pressure off the fight."

Hendricks recommends "speaking from the heart instead of the head and shoulders." "Most people communicate with their head -- they focus on what's wrong, on blaming the other person," he says. "Instead, be honest without being blameful."

Here are six tips for effective fighting.