10/20/2011 05:01 pm ET | Updated Dec 20, 2011

Damion Robinson, Second Grader, Forced To Walk Home From School Along Freeway (VIDEO)

After a mixup that the school district officials deem "inexcusable," Damion Robinson, a second grader at R. J. Hoyland Elementary school, was forced to cross a freeway and walk home from school, Houston's KPRC reported.

The station reports that school staff told Damion he was supposed to walk home. Despite his protests, the official remained adamant, so Damion began his journey home on foot.

To get to his house, Damion had to cross a freeway, where he told the KPRC that he was almost hit by a car.

"The light was red and the car had run through the light and then he was coming fast, so I ran across the street."

School officials told NBC station KSN that the incident was caused by a recent "policy change" that handled the issue of which students could ride the bus, and that Damion was mistakenly identified as another student.

When he was close to his neighborhood, a woman stopped the student and asked for his home phone number to call his mother.

A similar incident took place last week in Surrey, England, 3-year-old Alfie Aldridge managed to evade his preschool teachers, scale a wall and walk all the way home, where his mother was luckily home.

When she confronted school officials about her son's journey, they hadn't even noticed he had been missing.


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