10/20/2011 07:36 pm ET | Updated Dec 20, 2011

Donald Trump On Muammar Gaddafi's Death: 'Big Deal' [WATCH]

Hearing the news of Muammar Gaddafi's death on Thursday, many American leaders released statements on what the end of the Libyan dictator's run meant for the world.

"The dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted," said President Barack Obama.

"I think people across the world recognize that the world is a better place without Muammar Gaddafi," said Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

But businessman Donald Trump? He needed only two words: "Big deal."

After hearing of the death, Trump, the business magnate perhaps best known for his role on the NBC reality show The Apprentice, took to his webcam for an installment of "From The Desk Of Donald Trump" to discuss the political ramification (h/t Mogulite).

Trump, who's recently been labeled the "GOP kingmaker" by the Boston Globe, quickly launches into a criticism of the Obama administration's decision-making during the Libyan uprising, specifically that the president should have bartered with the rebels for oil pending their victory in exchange for U.S. military support.

The Obama administration did officially endorse the primary rebel group, the Transitional National Council, in July, and later pledged U.S. allegiance to the multinational coalition in aid of the uprising.

"The rebels would have given us everything if we had some leader who knew how to negotiate," Trump said in the video. "The rebels were being routed four months ago, absolutely routed by Gaddafi and his men. If four months ago we would have said, 'We want 50 percent of the oil,' they would have said, 'Absolutely, we have a deal. Help us, help us. Please, you have a deal.'"

That Trump takes issue with Obama is well documented. In the spring, he demanded that President Obama release his birth certificate. He's also more recently criticized President for going too easy on the Occupy Wall Street protesters. But "the Donald" has his fair share of history with Gaddafi as well.

As Mogulite points out, Trump once bragged to FOX News' Fox and Friends that he "screwed" the Libyan dictator by renting him a plot of land at a hugely exorbitant rate.

"Then I didn't let him use the land," Trump added.

WATCH "From The Desk Of Donald Trump: Gadhafi"