10/20/2011 09:21 am ET | Updated Dec 20, 2011

Sylvester Phillips, Wisconsin Newspaper Carrier, Saves Elderly Siblings' Lives (VIDEO)

A Wisconsin newspaper carrier delivered more than papers for two siblings in Madison -- he provided life-saving action.

After Sylvester Phillips, a Wisconsin State Journal carrier, noticed the papers were piling up outside the house of 75-year-old Shirley Washa and her brother Darrell Washa, 77, he did something about it reports.

Phillips told the network he became concerned by the pair's unusual absent behavior. He called his supervisor, who then notified the police.

"They never let their paper sit; they get it every day, every morning," Phillips told "You notice a pattern with your customers, 'Why are their lights steady on and their front door was open?' It had to be five or six days."

Emergency responders said they found Shirley, who had fallen several days earlier, on the kitchen floor. Her brother Darrell was found wedged between his walker and a dresser, apparently in this position for days as well, the news outlet reports.

Shirley is reportedly in critical condition, and Darrell is in fair condition. Police said had it not been for Phillips, the result could have been worse, Channel3000 reports.


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