10/21/2011 01:34 pm ET | Updated Dec 21, 2011

Ally Week Is Bolstered By Colorado Politicians (VIDEO)

One Colorado produced a video celebrating national Ally Week, honoring local straight allies of LGBT youth.

The video features Democratic Sens. Mark Udall and Michael Bennet promising to "Make it better". Gov. John Hickenlooper and Mayor Michael Hancock also appear in the video in between cuts of Denver's Auraria campus LGBT club members holding signs that give fleeting glimpses into what it's like being harassed for your sexual orientation.

"I skipped school today--I was too afraid to go," reads one sign.

"I want to make it better for my gay friends," reads another.

Just months ago, Colorado passed a new law that defines bullying and calls for schools to adopt anti-bullying policies with specific language written in for LGBT youth protection. Same-sex civil union legislation did not pass the GOP-run state house last session, but it is expected to come up again this year.

“More than any other group, LGBT students are the repeated targets of bullying, harassment, and even violence,” said Brad Clark, Executive Director of One Colorado Education Fund, the organization that produced the video. “It’s our job as adults to ensure that every young person who sits in our classrooms and walks through our halls is treated with respect and dignity.”

“During Ally Week, we celebrate straight allies whose commitment to LGBT youth is critical to making our schools better. We are extremely fortunate to have statewide leaders who are willing to speak out against the bullying and harassment that LGBT students are so often forced to endure,” said Clark.