Jimmy Fallon Sells Three Comedies to NBC

10/21/2011 04:53 pm ET | Updated Dec 21, 2011

In search of a ratings boost, NBC is placing a bit bet on Jimmy Fallon.

Having first entered the business with his "Saturday Night Live" debut in 1998, Fallon took over the "Late Night" chair once Conan O'Brien -- briefly -- took the helm at "The Tonight Show." Now, following Fallon's first Emmy nomination, NBC has bought three comedy pilots from his production company.

Variety reports that the network will take on "Fat Rob" a show about a former rapper, "DILFs," the story of 30-something dads (who, as the name implies, are probably attractive) and "Rick."

Fallon spent some time acting following his departure from "SNL," though few of his films were hits. He appeared in Drew Barrymore's roller derby comedy, "Whip It," and another film with Barrymore, the romantic comedy, "Fever Pitch."