10/21/2011 06:40 pm ET | Updated Dec 21, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: OWS #OccupyMe Pick-Up Lines

The Occupy Wall Street movement is hot.

A Fox News poll found 70 percent of respondents support the movement, and the satirical news site Pardon The Pundit poked fun at the media rampage by citing a faux Rasmussen/USA Today/GQ poll which "found" that "84 percent of respondents claim they'd sleep with an "OWS" protester over a Tea Partier." While the latter poll was all in good fun, it's hard to not get hot and bothered over The New York Observer's round up of "The Hottest People At Occupy Wall Street."

But how to get the attention of these sexy proponents of change?

The online dating site HowAboutWe recently rounded up a list of ten useful pick up lines to use at Occupy Wall Street. Gems included "Let's lower our dependence on foreign oil by showering together," "I'm more of a retro protestor -- let's have a love-in," "We're the 99 percent and my birth control is 94 percent effective. Let me know if you're down with those odds," and "I may hate corporate greed, but, baby, I'm greedy for your love."

With the "Occupy" movement spreading across the country -- and the world -- it seems there will be more and more use for some effective occupy-themed ice breakers.

Think you have what it takes to snag a date with an "Occupy" protester? Tweet your best Occupy pick-up lines @HuffPostWomen with hashtag #OccupyMe. Here are some of our favorites so far:

#OccupyMe: Pickup Lines To Use At Occupy Wall Street