50 Arrested In Massive Day Care Drug Bust

10/21/2011 04:04 pm ET | Updated Dec 21, 2011

After a seven month undercover investigation, police arrested nearly 50 people in a drug bust at LeFrak City in Queens.

NBC reports on the arrests that include two men who were managing drug operations out of a children's day care center that had 12 children ages ranging six weeks to 12 years-old.

The 20-building, 5,000 apartment complex is located in Corona, Queens and is owned by one of the largest real estate properties in the country.

This isn't the first time LeFrak City has had a runin with the law. Back in 1997, 300 police officers swept through the 40 acre property and arrested 24 people in four gangs for selling crack and marijuana.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly commented on the Friday's arrests and said, "When they used a day care center from which to sell drugs, dealers set a new record for how low they can go."

As low as selling OxyContin out of an ice cream truck? Earlier this year, authorities arrested 31 people for running a $1 million a year producing drug ring that sold OxyContin tablets out of ice cream trucks throughout the city. Or maybe just a touch worse than selling pain killers right out of a deli store front in Staten Island? Probably.