10/23/2011 04:29 pm ET | Updated Dec 23, 2011

Giulia Sarkozy Receives Gifts From Angela Merkel, David & Samantha Cameron (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Giulia Sarkozy is homeward bound -- and she's got some gifts waiting for her.

Born to Carla Bruni and French president Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday, little Giulia finally left Paris maternity clinic La Muette today.

Wrapping up her daughter in a blanket to shield her from reporters' prying eyes, Carla looked chic as ever wearing a pair of dark sunnies as she ducked into a waiting car.

Although President Sarkozy made a visit to La Muette while his wife was in labor, he was absent as Carla and Giulia exited today. That's because he's busy at an EU Summit with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron -- who came bearing baby gifts, reports AFP.

The German leader gave President Sarkozy a teddy bear for his new daughter, while Cameron and his wife Samantha presented the new dad a pink woven baby blanket.

While we have lots of questions (Was the blanket monogrammed? What color pink? And was Giulia wearing a Christian Dior onesie when she left the hospital?) we do have pictures of Giulia's new German teddy bear -- and video of her first day out of the clinic.


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