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Herman Cain Abortion Amendment: GOP Candidate Makes Constitutional Error

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Herman Cain may not think it's important to know who the president of Uzbekistan is, but he might want to brush up on his knowledge of the constitution.

The GOP candidate told Christian Broadcasting Network that he would sign a constitutional amendment banning abortion.

"I feel that strongly about it. If we can get the necessary support and it comes to my desk I’ll sign it. That’s all I can do. I will sign it," he said.

Unfortunately for Cain, as Politico's Ben Smith points out, the president doesn't sign constitutional amendments. In fact, he plays essentially no role in the process.

Cain's comments came in the wake of last week's controversy over remarks that he made to Piers Morgan. Cain told Morgan that abortion is "a choice that that family or that mother has to make" and "it's not the government's make that decision." After taking heat from Republicans, he walked back his remarks and asserted that "abortion should not be legal."

He also blamed CNN for allegedly taking his remarks out of context.

His attempts at damage control have done little to silence his fellow GOP candidates. Michele Bachmann accused Cain of "flip-flops" on "Fox News Sunday" and last week, Rick Santorum called the former pizza executive's beliefs "quintessentially pro-choice."

Watch his full interview with CBN below:

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