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Bucket List: Top 10 'Must-Dos' Before You Die

The Huffington Post   Evan Allis   First Posted: 10/24/11 10:58 AM ET   Updated: 12/24/11 05:12 AM ET

In 1935, as he lay dying from an assassin's bullet at the age of 42, Senator Huey Long whispered his final words on the steps of a Louisiana courthouse: "God, don't let me die. I have so much to do."

While it's possible Huey Long was speaking to a desire for more power, money or notoriety -- spending his last breaths yearning for time in his office or on the campaign trail, it's safe to assume that in their final moments, many of the dying worry about a different kind of "To Do" list. Sure, marrying and having children are excellent indicators of a life well lived, but there are few more untraditional items that should be staples of any decent bucket list.

So grab a pen and take notes on the 10 "must-dos" that we at Huff/Post50 think should grace everyone's list of sites to be seen, foods to be tasted and experiences to be had before one "kicks the bucket."

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  • Learn An Instrument

    Or, if you already know how to play one, learn another.

  • Run In A Marathon

    If Katie Holmes can do it odds are you can too.

  • Participate In Burning Man

    To quote the oft-repeated words of the citizens of Black Rock City -- a temporary community in the Nevada desert that serves as the site of Burning Man each year -- "if you haven't been, you just don't understand."

  • Defy Gravity

    Whether you skydive, parasail or fly across a canyon in a winged suit, indulging in the time-honored tradition of defying natural law is a must for all humans with a pulse.

  • Set Foot In Every Continent

    Antarctica may seem like a tough place to get to, but cruises, airborne sightseeing flights and companies specializing in expedition tourism have made taking the trip as easy as shelling out your life savings. Let's hope they start offering recession-friendly prices soon.

  • Climb A Mountain

    People climb Kilimanjaro, Ventoux and Shasta everyday. The point is to climb something you were afraid to climb and see something new.

  • Traipse Through The Amazon

    The world's most famous and majestic rainforest is disappearing before our eyes. See it while you still can.

  • Go To Brazil During Carnaval

    Need evidence that Brazil's national pre-lent celebration, Carnaval, puts Mardi Gras to shame? The intake of beer during the festival accounts for 80% of annual consumption.

  • Take A Road Trip Across The U.S.A.

    Most Americans never truly appreciate the life-changing scenery and array of culture that lie between the Atlantic and the Pacific. And what more American way to see the United States than by car?

  • Make Love Somewhere You're Not Supposed To

    Need we say more?