10/24/2011 06:05 pm ET | Updated Dec 24, 2011

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: 'I Run A Kiddie Crack House' (VIDEO0

Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd shamefacedly recalled a sugar-crammed play date between their two sons on a backstage webisode of "The View."

Shepherd's son Jeffrey and Hasselbeck's son Taylor had a great time wrestling and eating tons of baked goods. The boys were at the Hasselbeck's abode, the usual destination for play dates because Shepherd said her house has "no toys." Shepherd also called Hasselbeck a "great mom" for cooking "brownies, cookies, and vanilla pudding and [giving] them all to the kids at one time."

Hasselbeck was in hysterics from being called out on this particular parenting method and jokingly said that her son was "high" from all the brownies he ate (Hasselbeck said he had about seventeen!).

"They had like five brownies each and a whole bowl of vanilla pudding...I feel like such a crappy mom," Shepherd said.

"I run a kiddie crack house," Haselbeck said. Referring to her son's friends, Hasselbeck added "they love me though, they all cry when they leave [my house]."